Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pretty and Polished Candy Corn

Hi everyone! Time for a manicure that's just a few weeks late ;)
This is what I had on my nails for Halloween!

The orange side of Candy Corn

Here you can see both colors

Looks like a sunset, no?
Base coat: 1 coat of China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat
Polish: 4 coats of Candy Corn
Top Coat: 1 coat of Seche Vite

Candy Corn clearly resembles its namesake. It's a temperature changing polish that shifts from yellow to tangerine!

It was really fun to wear because it's my first experience with a color-changing polish. I have to admit though that I wasn't a fan of the yellow shade. And since I guess my hands are really warm or something, that's what I typically saw on my nails. I didn't see much of the pretty color shift or just the orange unless my hands were in cold water. Maybe my nails weren't long enough, who knows.

This polish was also super sheer! I realize that it's a jelly but I thought I'd be able to cover my nail lines with 4 coats but to no avail. Next time, I'd definitely layer it over white.

Despite what might seem like a lot of complaints, I still enjoyed wearing this baby!

This polish is actually still for sale in Chelsea's shop.
You can visit her Etsy shop here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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