Sunday, May 20, 2012

This Week in Nail Polish

Hey everyone! Since I was unable to post last week, you're getting a special double edition this time ;)

I've racked up a decent amount of polish in the past two weeks. Let's see what has been added to my stash...

Look at that pretty purple duo-chrome!
Left to right: Alyson, Vanessa and Optical Illusion
I actually ordered one of those Julep mystery boxes. Needless to say, I was really disappointed. I got 4 polishes (2 that I already have, so they aren't pictured) and a sample of hand scrub, which is something I have the full size of and rarely use. I had been seeing blog posts about girls getting these mystery boxes with $120 worth of Julep gift certificates. I was hoping for that but meh...lesson learned.
Optical Illusion comes from a head2toe order.

Green holo goodness!
Left to right: Reclaim, Wildlife and Cop an Attitude
I bought the Nubars from two different sellers on Ebay. The Color Club magnetic comes from the same head2toe order as the China Glaze from above.

Left to right:
Daisy Does It, Sparkle and Soar and Electro-midnight
Once again, these were from the same head2toe order!

Glitter close-up!

 Left to right: Sand Art, Hearts and Daggers and Orchid
I bought the two Pretty and Polished polishes from her Etsy shop last week. I got Orchid from a swap.

Left to right: Belle, Kate and Coraline
This is the blogger collection from Zoya that is being sold on Birchbox. It's limited edition and they are JELLIES made by ZOYA. I had to get them.

And I'm so glad I did. The swatches of these are amazing! I can't wait to wear them...especially Kate :)

 How about an older manicure?

Kitty kisses!
 This is China Glaze Fashionista with Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black layered over it. In the second picture, Lillith was doing what she does best and that's getting in the mix of things. She wanted a piece of the action...or attention. Whatever, she's licking my finger in the picture and I thought it was cute. That and I like how her eyes match the color of my nails :)

To end this post, here's a picture of Penelope in the dryer. She loves going in there even though she knows she shouldn't!

Well, that's it. Thanks for sticking by me and stopping by!


  1. You got some very nice polishes.:)

    1. I did, didn't I? :) Thanks a bunch for stoppin by <3

  2. Whoa!!! Those are some great polishes!!


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