Sunday, April 8, 2012

This Week in Nail Polish

Hi everyone! Things were a little slow this week on the polish front. I finished up with 7 new bottles.

First up are some polishes I got in a swap.

Left to right: OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know?
                    Revlon Whimsical
                    Essie Go Overboard
                    Pretty and Polished Candy Coated

There was also a baby bottle of Jawbreaker...but I figure since I've already posted pictures of it, I'll skip it for now.

Second we have the latest releases from Pretty and Polished.

Dream Queen and Forever Rose. How gorgeous are these two?! I bet I come off as a Pretty and Polished fan girl ;)
I might just be...

Onto the kitty pics!

Here is Lillith when I was outside taking pictures of my nails. Yeah, I know...she looks pissy. She tends to look like this. She can be a sweetheart when she wants to be. I wouldn't change a thing about her though :)

And here is Penelope being a bad girl! She knows she's not supposed to go into the light-box but that didn't stop her. She destroyed the first one but my husband made an even better one for me. I just have to keep it out of her reach. Of course, I know that I'm partially to blame. I shouldn't let them get away with everything!

Nail talk:

My nails are finally at the length I'm happy with. If you see my more recent posts, you can see the length I'm talking about. Sadly, when they are this long I really have to baby them. For months now I've been having issues with peeling, something I never had problems with before. It always happens in the same place too..the tips of my thumbs, index and middle fingers on both my hands. So when they get like this, I know it's only a matter of time before one of them breaks. Ah well. Life goes on, eh?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Kitty in the lightbox--hee! She's ready for her closeup, I guess. :)

    1. Heh. Maybe. I think she just went in there cause she knows she's not supposed to :P


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