Sunday, April 15, 2012

This Week in Nail Polish

Hi everyone! I was really good this week. Can you believe I only got ONE bottle of nail polish this week?! I know, it's total madness! Here's the lone gunman:

This is Spoiled Trust Fund Baby. I went to CVS for something and was surprised to find the Spoiled line there. They even had the Milani spring collection. This is actually shocking because I live in a small town and we don't get a lot of collections at the drugstore or they show up later than usual. I was only able to pick this one polish up. Of course, there were more that caught my eye!

Since this post is a bit light on nail polish related stuff, I'm sticking in a photo of an older manicure. Although I've only recently started blogging, my nail polish obsession is nothing new. I've been taking pictures of my nails for a while, without the intention of ever posting them on a blog or anything. But I still took them. So the details on this manicure are a bit hazy. This photo is from November 2011!

Can't say what base coat I used or how many coats of the polish. This is Barielle Slate of Affairs and on my index finger I have a coat of China Glaze Cracked Concrete. I know the top coat is more than likely Seche Vite. I almost NEVER use any other top coat. Seche Vite is my everything when it comes to top coats :)

Slate of Affairs has a nice blue shimmer that didn't show up in this picture though. Too bad.

Kitty time!

I like these two pictures because you can tell they were taken in succession. In one, she's wistfully looking off into the distance and in the second one she's probably thinking, "Why won't this crazy lady leave me alone?!?" least that's how it goes in my silly mind :)

Penelope says hello and thanks for stopping by!

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